The story of Naturally Fast Food

The Mission

For everyone to eat well and live well.

There is something magical about fast food. As kids, we were spellbound by it. LEON began when three food-loving friends came together to solve their growing frustration with the limited options for fast, healthy meals on the go. They asked themselves, "Why can't fast food be good food?" and set out to make seasonal, high-quality food accessible to everyone. Since we opened the first LEON in London in 2004, we have been trying to create a revolution in fast food that is fresh and full of flavour.

The menu draws inspiration from the richness, flavours and natural healthiness of Mediterranean cooking, the odd dish that evokes our childhood memories of sunshine-soaked holidays, and even nostalgic trips to fast food restaurants. We celebrate the natural rhythms of nature, so the menu changes across the seasons. Our menu is packed with plants, we use good sources of fat like nuts and seeds, and flavour our food with fresh herbs and spices.

Today, over two decades later, that mission remains the same. LEON continues to provide delicious, nutritious, fast food options, making it easier for everyone to eat and live well.

Thank you for joining us.

Leon Presents